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Amy Railcar

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I’m not a fan of IP kits. I suppose I have been spoiled by a combination of building Brandbright and, more recently the excellent Atropos kits, mucking about with bought-in rubbish and fully scratchbuilding. My idea of a good kit is one where all the materials are in the bag or you know up-front that you need to supply then yourself. I want clear instructions with some illustrations and best of all, a full-scale drawing.

I don’t have a lot of time for kits that tell you ‘This is a good time to paint the body’ a whole page after it would actually have ben a good time to do it. Neither do I appreciate a kit that provides materials that do not correspond to the instructions. Take the 1/8th by 3/16th length of wood only works when the wood provided actually measures up to those dimensions.

While I am on a rant, what do we think of instructions that say ‘You may want to cut a piece of rod longer than the piece supplied’!

Anyway, having made more rolling stock than my track can accommodate and more locos than any man can get his head round and actually successfully run, I vowed not to make any more. I went to Llanfair and spent precisely £0.00. But, I love making kits.

This is how I came to volunteer to make up Graham’s Amy Railcar. The biggest task was clearing the cobwebs off the plastic bag that contained most of the parts. Not all the parts, of course.


Written by daichuffin

October 27, 2012 at 5:34 pm

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